10 Ways to Fall in Love Again in Ocean Isle Beach

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching it’s not too early to be making plans on how you’re going to spend it this year. How about we skip the flower-candy-watch TV thing you did last year and try to amp it up a bit. We believe everyone (including you) has an inner romantic living within and we have 10 ideas for how to put it to good use. When your special someone falls in love with you all over again, you can come back and thank us!

hotels in Ocean Isle Beach for Valentine's DayMaybe you’re already in love or maybe not. Even if you’re already in love, married, or engaged, romance has a way of bringing those feelings to the surface even more so. This year Valentine’s Day is on a Friday and so that means (as any woman could tell you!) that the holiday extends through Sunday night!

1. Book a surprise weekend stay in our Ocean Isle Inn, one of the best hotels in Ocean Isle Beach, and you’re off to a great start.

2. Have your room at our Inn decorated with flowers in the living and bedrooms prior to your arrival.

3. Plan ahead of time to download some romantic love songs to your mobile device. You’re going to need them for those spontaneous dances you’ll be doing throughout the weekend!

4. Start each day by taking your coffee and two beach chairs to the waterfront to watch the breathtaking sunrise together.

hotels in Ocean Isle Beach for Valentine's Day5. End your days by enjoying a cocktail while watching what may be some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever witnessed. Bring your camera along!

6. Plan a romantic getaway to nearby Bald Head Island where there are no vehicles and just spend the day on the beachfront.

7. Go shopping in close by Southport, NC, and buy your special someone a little keepsake as a token of the weekend and how you feel about them.

8. Make reservations to dine together at one of the areas finer restaurants offering your favorite type of foods.

9. Schedule a “couples massage” with one of the many massage therapists in Ocean Isle Beach.

10. With a full moon appearing over the ocean for Valentine’s Day, this is your opportunity to take your Valentine out dancing on the beachfront under the light of the full moon. (Don’t forget to bring your device with the love songs!)

We believe this has the potential to be your best Valentine’s Day ever if you follow these 10 suggestions. But while we’re suggesting them for this Valentine’s Day, honestly, they hold such magic that they’ll most likely work any time at all!

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