1054 Miles for Happiness

Summer is upon us at the Ocean Isle Inn and with that comes folks from all different walks of life. One such person in particular is Eddy Rodriguez.

Eddy is currently walking from Hillsboro Beach, Fl all the way to Washington D.C. That’s right – he’s WALKING this journey. A journey of approximately 1054 miles. The purpose of this journey is to “create a happiness trail” along the way. About 2 years ago Eddy decided he wanted to do something that would bring more happiness to America. With this in mind, he set out on this venture March 20 of this year. Here it is nearly 3 months later and Eddy has made it to Ocean Isle Beach, NC. That’s around half-way of his journey and alot of smiles along the way.

Eddy called upon us this past Sunday inquiring about possible lodging and told us of his walking journey. One of our reservationists called the General Manager at home and relayed this information and it was decided that we could offer him a room, free of charge. See, there are still good Samaritans left in this world. And as I’m sure Eddy will tell you, there are more of them than you think. As it turns out, Eddy hasn’t had to spend one night under the stars while on this journey. He has been fortunate enough to find kind folks along his walk that have offered him places to stay. As he likes to say “whatever I need will be put in my path.” He’s been given many meals along the way. He has had the tires on his wagon repaired free of charge. Even one nice guy took Eddy to the local laundry-mat so that he could have his clothes washed.

Over the past few days, I’ve been fortunate as many folks have, to get to talk to Eddy. His optimism is never waning and he seems to posses an uncanny ability to find the good in all situations. He has never met a stranger, only future friends. Sometimes all it takes for people to open up is a smile and believe me, Eddy is no stranger to smiling. His organization, Smile and Wave America is founded on that simple principle.

I encourage you to follow along with Eddy on his venture and help him create a trail of happiness along the way. Remember, your Smile is the most powerful tool you own.

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