Bridge Society joins Silver Coast Winery for Fundraising Fest


The Sunset Beach floating swing bridge was an active landmark in this region for over 4 decades. It linked the mainland to the island portion of Sunset Beach from 1961 to the fall of 2010.

At the top of every hour between 7 am to 9 pm, traffic would sit at a red light on either side of the waterway. The pontoon bridge would swing to the side to allow boat passage with a system of pulleys and cables. From a vantage point in a little white tender’s house that sits directly on the wooden vessel itself, the operator would monitor the daily demands of the bridge. A simple signal from any unscheduled commercial boat as well, would command a repeat performance.


Due to the mounting barrage of tourism, a growing population and progression in general, the old bridge became obsolete. Seasonal high tides affected the carriage the floating aparatus was capable of supporting and would often render the bridge dangerous to virtually useless, at times.bridge6autookresizeback

Despite 30 years of controversy from locals that did not want to see the bridge replaced, a new 65-foot-high two lane arch bridge was completed in October 2010, the Mannon C. Gore Bridge.

The antique bridge was moved to a donated portion of land just beside her replacement. The old bridge has now gained a following and she frequently receives visitors ranging from history buffs, old friends and locals alike.bridge7okbanner

You can see a video of the last day the bridge was in operation here.


On a positive note, the interest in this local icon has prompted the creation of the Old Bridge Preservation Society


As part of an ongoing effort by the O.B.P.S. to maintain the integrity of the old bridge, they have joined forces with Silver Coast Winery to bring you the following…


The Strawberry & Wine Fest will be a day of celebration and fundraising.

This Springtime event will be held at our local Silver Coast Winery.4daa06f7be9555ca5eed307564f18279



Locals and visitors alike will enjoy music, arts & crafts,

food and wine on May 4th, 2013. (click here for more info)

See You There!

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