Bringing Your Baby on a Beach Vacation

Bringing a baby of any age on a beach vacation can sometimes involve a group effort but it can certainly be accomplished. Vacations, especially to the beach, are oriented more to adults and children but that doesn’t mean babies can’t come too. It just involves some early planning and an eye to detail.

Bringing Your Baby on a Beach Vacation

Babies are happy enough going to the grocery store or to Grandma’s. But anything that relaxes Mom and Dad is going to make for a happy baby and beach vacations have the potential to do just that. It’s important to remind yourselves, you’re on a vacation and the goal is to have fun.

Here are some tips that will help you with bringing your baby on the family’s beach vacation.

  1. Plan Your Time. Try to schedule your airline flights during your baby’s normal napping time. Walk and play with the baby during extended periods of time in the airport. More energy exerted there will be less energy the baby exerts in the confines of an airplane. Your flight mates will thank you.
  2. Stay On Schedule. Maintain the schedule you have at home while you’re on vacation. That includes the time you wake up and go to sleep, the time you eat meals, and when naptime is. This is not the time to kick up your heels and stay out late.
  3. Inquire Before Leaving. Does the place where you’re staying provide sleeping arrangements for babies? Ask about car seats from the rental agency, too.
  4. Keep Calm. Don’t stress out while getting ready for your trip because the baby will sense that and be on edge too.
  5. Plan On Doing Less. With babies the rule really is “Less is More.” Don’t over stimulate a baby. Make sure they take naps in quiet and comfortable spaces. Afternoon naps improve the chances of a quality evening so consider taking a nap at the same time.
  6. Apply Sunscreen Often. Shield babies from the midday sun. Don’t count on a tent or canopy because some beaches don’t allow them. Wear hats and light weight clothing. Apply sunscreen to any areas of skin showing. Read the label and reapply as recommended.

When you’re arriving at the beach with a baby in tow and are looking for oceanfront vacation rentals don’t hesitate to give us a call at Ocean Isle Inn. We know you and the baby both will really like our accommodations.


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