"Hotel Common Sense"

A few years ago I came upon an article titled "Hotel Common Sense".  It states 15 observations which makes you reflect on how well you are running your operation and leading people. I find myself going over these observations from time to time as a reminder to me that these observations should be practiced at all times.  When I have consulted with other people in the hotel business these observations are the first thing I hand them. Then would ask "how many of these observations they feel they practice in their day to day operation?"  It always seems to hit a nerve and get operators moving in the right direction.

Here are these 15 observations I hope you find them useful not only for the hotel business but for any buisness.


“Hotel Common Sense”
(15 Observations)
  1. Always respect the three parts of every successful hotel operation.                                                              Make your decisions with the needs of the owner, associate and customer on mind.
  1. Listen more, talk less. MANAGE BY WALKING AROUND is priority one.
  1. Quality cannot be a sometime thing by some people. Create team spirit by involvement through Quality Assurance programs. Concentrate on quality and quantity will follow.
  1. Introduce a highly visible and enforced service code. Lead by visible example.
  1. Establish a mission statement that includes pride and credo on what your purpose is.
  1. Define and deliver EXCELLANCE. Practice philosophies of fairness with everyone. Always.
  1. The only thing constant in our business is change. If you do not improve on today’s service delivery, someone else will.
  1. Delegate authority, responsibility and accountability.
  1. If you expect your team to succeed, you must personally be involved in the selection, orientation and ongoing training process.
  1. Continuing education is a must. WE all need to be replenished. Study other winners, but not just those in your profession.
  1. Dare to fail!
  1. Evaluate personal time management. Use the 80/20 rule (80% of your results will usually come from 20% of your focused efforts)
  1. Manage systems. Lead people. Coach your team. Be a real mentor.
  1. Keep the proper balance of high tech and high touch. Use technology to help guests first, the hotel second. People will always relate to “high touch” in our business.
  1. Instill and maintain passion in your everyday activities.


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