June Featured Blogger

Welcome to Summer at the beach and another Featured Blogger for the Ocean Isle Inn.

We’re continuing to host bloggers from across the states and sharing their story with you. In turn they will be sharing their experiences at the Ocean Isle Inn with their own readers.

Meet our Featured Blogger for June, Jen Lawrence.

Professionally I’m a Marketing Coordinator however, I eat, sleep and live my BRAND! In every conversation I make sure that people know what I do. In addition to my many titles “I am Jael Custom Designs”. I’m full time working mom entrepreneur, raising my four children ranging from toddler to teen. When my business was a mere thought before I actually had the courage to launch in 09′ I thought my life was hectic. I’ve been challenged and re challenged and now my life is one joyous roller coaster. I have my hands up in the air and sometimes I laugh and sometimes I scream!

I started blogging back in June 09′ to document my journey and follow my dream of becoming a mom entrepreneur and now three years later I have watched my ideas grow an flourish into a business. My digital journal turned into a resource for other small business owners and moms interested in social media and any individual with like minds. I can only dream of where I’ll be in the next three years.

So with daily chaos, 4 children, FT Job, small business, social networking, and networking in my local community, life is hectic! Honestly without chaos I’m not that productive. So, I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way! If I can manage to sleep in on Saturday mornings and sneak in some “ME” time on the weekend that’s bliss! Welcome to my world…

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