Lending a Helping Hand

No doubt if you’ve visited Ocean Isle Inn in the past few years you may have spotted a cat or two wandering about or soaking up the sun by the pool.  These furry, feral felines decided they wanted to call the Ocean Isle Inn home – who can blame them?  We set up a feeding station for them and have since worked diligently with a local animal rescue group to make sure we were doing what was best for these cats. After all, a majority of our employees are pet owners.

Over the course of a year a cat can produce a multitude of kittens if proactive measures aren’t taken.  It was decided that we had to implement a trapping program for these little guys so that we could get them to our local vet’s office and have them spayed or neutered and checked for feline leukemia. This has helped maintain their population tremendously.

We’ve continued to work with our local animal rescue group, Paws-Ability in helping to catch some of the new feral cats that show up on the island and adopt out some of these rescued friends to loving human homes. This greatly helps reduce the burden on local area animal shelters.

You too can help us lend a helping hand for these animals. Local veterinarian, Dr. Ernie Ward is working with the Pedigree dog food company to help raise awareness.  Pedigree has agreed to donate $1000 to Paws-Ability if Dr. Ward receives 1000 new “likes” on his Facebook page by June 30.  Additionally, you can donate 1 pound of food to animal shelters nationwide by going to Pedigree’s Facebook page and pressing “like”.  The best part about this program is that it costs you nothing for your support.

To raise $1 for Paws-Ability simply go to Dr. Wards Facebook page and press the “like” button.

To donate 1 pound of food, go to Pedigree’s Facebook page and press the “like” button.

Together with your help, we can raise awareness and help for our areas needy animals.

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