11 Tips To Stay Toasty!

Even at the beach, we experience cooler temperatures this time of year. Visiting from another region, it’s not uncommon to expect southern beaches to feature warmer temps. Anxious for a getaway, one may omit articles of clothing that will enhance that long-awaited stroll on the beach.

We’ve all heard the term “layer” your clothing to keep warm. Ah, but what should those layers CONSIST OF?

>Coverage next to the skin? Silk or treated polyester is best. These choices will hold heat and not absorb moisture that can become trapped against the body. Cotton should be avoided.

>Next, think long sleeves and long bottoms, long socks of the thermal type that cover the calf and lined gloves. Remember, cotton is not an insulator! Resort to polyester. Blends will be inclusive of cotton, choose accordingly.

>The torso can be kept warmer yet with a short-sleeved crew neck shirt of poly, wool or thermal material.

>A sweater, quilted vest or fleeced jacket can finish the core coverage.

>Now that the upper part of the body has been layered, don’t stop there. Jeans are cotton! Try thermal “long-johns” or silk alternative, underneath.

>The beach can also be a blustery place. Both a scarf for the neck and a hat that hugs the head to hold in warmth are good ideas.

>Footware that is lined and covers the ankles will afford a perfect launch for that jaunt on the strand.

>Layer wisely to suit your own needs. Avoid getting too warm as to make yourself sweat.

>A greaseless lotion all over the body before getting dressed will serve as an insulator.

>Eat before your excursion. The body puts out more heat when given fuel.

>Lastly, any clad metals such as glasses or jewelry will act as heat conductors and rob your body heat.

Taking a little time, using common sense and putting together a simple outfit can make all the difference! Enjoy your seaside surroundings and the reasons you’ve come to this destination!

Trip the Beach Fantastic…..


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