Staying Fit During the Holidays

During this time of the year, it is hard to stay in shape. With all the cookies and cakes, hot cocoa, it’s hard to refuse! So while you’re on vacation visiting family and friends you don’t have to feel guilty for not doing your workout routine. You can still exercise by walking or taking a pleasant jog on our beautiful beach. If you want more of a structured workout, here are some great facilities within a few minutes of our hotel.

The Fitness Studio, Ocean Isle Beach

Crossfit, Ocean Isle Beach *kids classes available

Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice your healthy habits just because you are spending your holiday at the beach. As my colleague, Maria, suggested … we are more than happy to help you stay healthy while you are visiting Ocean Isle. Just send those cookies and cakes to Maria and myself. We’ll ”take care of them” for you.

Happy Holidays!

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