Streamline Security for Smooth Holiday Travel

Holidays are here and many of us will be in a hurry to see friends and family when trekking the friendly skies. If you are jetting your way across the country or just boarding for a quick flight, here is some Holiday food-for-thought. Pass these tidbits to those you think could use the extra nourishment.

>Check-in online. This will save time in line!

>Arrive for your flight early. Avoid unexpected hold-ups!

>Leave behind sharp objects…don’t bring that pocket knife you thought would be a cool Christmas gift for little Jimmy

>Remember the 3-1-1 Rule: place any liquids/gels (weighing no more than 3.4 ounces or 100 ml each) in a quart size freezer bag, one per passenger, for easy inspection…put in checked luggage if possible.

Exceptions: liquid medications, baby formula and breast milk

>Prepare Credentials, these will be asked for immediately: boarding pass and picture identification

>Attire: omit the jewelry, empty pockets, wear those slip-on shoes and sport a jacket that is easy to remove

>Keep laptops in their carrier bags. Some video cameras and DVD players will need to be removed

>Select the right line. This allows those of us more familiar with the process of boarding to get through quicker

>Handy Holiday Tip: keep presents unwrapped until you get to your destination.

The flight experience has been different for us all since the last decade but maybe these morsels of information will abet our Holiday Travel adventures.

Enjoy Life and Take Off!

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