Time to Save Some Daylight


All of us need reminding every now and again…

MELTINGTIMEOKThis Sunday, March 10th is when we will be setting our clocks forward at 2:00am in compliance with what we know as Daylight Savings Time.

Common in the modern Western world, the idea of saving time was first proposed in 1895. George Vernon Hudson was a New Zealand postal worker and an entomoligist who dabbled in astronomy. His need for extra daylight to collect insects, prompted him to introduce the idea of extending the day. First put into affect during World War I, there has been many a controversy over the concept of DST.

frenchfriesokAmongst those that chose to support the extension of the day were retailers, fast food restaurants that featured French fries and promoters of tourist attractions or sporting events.


Others that felt they were simply loosing their mornings, were not so fond of the adjustments.

Some of us think the “Spring forward” of time is an hour of lost sleep.


Instead, it can be thought of as a substitute for an hour we gain in daylight.

If you are one of the populations that are governed by Daylight Savings Time, remember this: time is relative. Can you see what you want to see? Are you able to do what makes you happy when you can?

That is the question!

As one great man, Benjamin Franklin once put it, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

So wake up and enjoy the days you are given! At ANY time!

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