5 Reasons to Always Book Your Hotel Direct

What matters most to you when you’re searching for the perfect hotel to accommodate you & your group on a trip? Is it getting the best deal? Having some flexibility in changing or cancelling your reservation? Is it packages or discounts? Are you just looking for the best room selection possible? If any of those are important to you, here’s a tip that will change the way you book forever- #BookDirect.

The 2nd annual #BookDirect guest education day falls on February 6th, 2019 and is all about empowering vacationers to get the best deal and experience possible on their next vacation. So what’s the big deal about this whole #BookDirect thing, anyway? When you book directly with a hotel instead of a 3rd party booking site such as Expedia or Hotels.com, you get access to five big benefits that you may not have know were possible.

  • The best prices, period – Third party booking sites might claim to offer the best prices, but this isn’t the case. When you book with one of these websites, they charge hotels a big fee. In order to stay in business, the hotels have to raise their prices, and as a result, you end up paying more money for the same exact room.
    However, when you book direct, there is no middle-man that takes a piece of the pie. This allows us to always provide guests with the lowest rates possible, all the time.
  • Flexible reservations – We understand that things come up and plans change. That’s why at the Ocean Isle Inn, we do our best to allow guests to change or even cancel their reservation. When you book with a 3rd party booking site, however, it’s not so simple. Unless you #BookDirect with us, there’s no way for us to access your reservation for changes or cancellation, and you’re left at the mercy of whichever booking site you made your reservation with.

  • Packages – Who doesn’t love a good hotel package? The only way to get access to exclusive packages is to #BookDirect with the hotel. Third party booking sites don’t have access to our hotel packages – and even if 3rd party booking sites did offer packages for our hotel, remember those fees that we mentioned? Thinking about a beach wedding? Check out our guide to the perfect beach wedding and take a look at some of our wedding packages!


  • Room selection – When you #BookDirect, the hotel receives all of the money from the booking, which allows us to put our best rooms up at the lowest prices possible. Unfortunately, this means that the rooms that we choose to list on the 3rd party booking sites tend to be the ones that don’t get booked as often- leaving you with a smaller selection of rooms at inflated rates. When you #BookDirect you get access to all of our rooms as well as the best prices.

  • Discounts – By booking directly with a hotel, you get access to all of the discounts that they may offer. At Ocean Isle Inn, we offer discounts for AAA members, military personnel & first responders. The third party sites don’t always accommodate these discounts, so be sure to #BookDirect to get save every penny possible.


So from saving money to having a flexible reservations, there’s 5 reasons to always #BookDirect. Not only is it better for hotels like Ocean Isle Inn, but cutting out the middle man ultimately saves you time and money.

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