Don’t Forget These 10 Things To Do After the Wedding

After spending more than a year planning for your wedding you’d think you could kick back and relax once it’s over, right? Wrong!! Sure, you can relax on your honeymoon; that’s very much what it’s for. But once you get back to civilization from that pink cloud you’ll be on you’ll need to finish up the details. Yes, details. At Weddings in Ocean Isle Beach we’re here to help you every step of the way with your wedding and beyond. That’s why we’ve compiled these reminders for you.

There’s more to do after the wedding is over! Consider it tying up the loose ends and closing the chapter, if you will. Following is a list of the 10 most important things people tend to overlook following the wedding itself. These are important so be sure to take care of them without delay. Once they’re completed know that you’ll be starting your wedded union off on the right foot.


Wedding Cakes

  1. The Wedding Cake

Tradition has it that the top tier of the wedding cake is put into the freezer and taken out on the eve of the 1st wedding anniversary and eaten. If you take the necessary precautions to wrap it well to protect it from freezer burn you’ll be glad later.


wedding dress

  1. Your Wedding Dress

Don’t hesitate! Send your dress to the cleaners right away and have it prepared for proper long-term storage. If you don’t plan on keeping your dress you’ll still need to get it cleaned but photograph it first. There are many sites where you can post your wedding dress for sale and make another bride-to-be very happy. Check out,, and even your local Craigs List.


thank you

  1. Thank You Notes

A tradition that’s as important today as it ever was but sadly many new brides overlook it. Our parents raised us better than that! Take the time to pick up some thank you note cards and fill them out. Everyone that sent you a gift should get a personalized thank you note handwritten from you, the bride. In addition, your attendants as well as the groom’s attendants, and everyone else who helped to put your special day together should also receive a card from you. You’ll be glad you did it.


Gift Registry

  1. Gift Registry & Websites

Close down your gift registry and website Health Canada Pharmacy within a month or two after your wedding. Leaving it up gives some wedding guests a chance to still come through with a last minute gift if they’d forgotten.


Recouping expenses

  1. Recouping Expenses

Everyone knows how expensive weddings can be. If you saved your receipts now is a good time to take the extra supplies you purchased but didn’t use and return them to get credit. Too much wine purchased? No, you don’t have to drink it all! Get a refund on unopened bottles and use that money to buy that nice set of wine glasses you really wanted but didn’t get.



  1. Flowers

If you want to preserve your flowers it’s best to arrange to have someone take care of that for you before you leave for your honeymoon. When bouquets are decorating tables, those could be donated to guests, local nursing homes, or senior centers. Don’t let them go to waste!


Official Documents

  1. Official Documents

If either you or your spouse has changed your name and/or your address you’ll need to collect those documents and look online for how to update them. Items like your driver’s license, passport, social security card, credit cards, bank accounts, and your social media accounts will all need to be updated.


all those photographs

  1. All Those Photographs

Whether you hired a photographer or relied on friends and family to capture your big day digitally, you’ll want to sit down at some point sooner rather than later and compile those photos into an album. There are many companies online that can create an actual printed photo album for you that you can then purchase for yourself as well as family and friends.



  1. On-line Reviews

Take the time to do something for those vendors that helped make your wedding special. Go online to their websites, to wedding forums, or Yelp and write an honest review about them. If your honeymoon was a blast and you want to share that with others, go to TripAdvisor and spread the word.


Returns and Exchanges

  1. Returning Gifts

Even with a gift registry there’s no way to avoid getting duplicates of gifts and items you simply don’t need or want. Take those items back to the store within 30 days of your receipt and exchange them for something you do need. If you’re undecided at least get a credit for a future purchase.


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