Enjoying Your Baby’s First Beach Vacation

Baby girl on an Ocean Isle Beach vacation


baby's beach vacation

So you’re planning a beach vacation and want to bring your baby along? Baby’s first beach vacation should be fun for everyone – so long as you plan a bit in advance.

Unlike for us adults, babies need to stay on the same schedule. They have no need to kick back and chill, like we adults do.

Take the following precautions and it will be easy to keep your baby happy and safe. Make sure you bring along whatever you’ll need to care for your baby. Don’t assume you’ll be able to buy the same products like special formula, juice or diapers in the area.

You’ll see that with a little well-planned effort your baby’s first beach vacation can be a pleasant and fun-filled event. If your baby’s basic needs are met they’ll be pretty happy to go anywhere you’re going, just be sure they are able to keep to the same eating and sleeping schedule as at home.

traveling with baby


Baby’s First Beach Vacation – Travel Tips

  • Best Time to Travel

    Try to schedule your air flights when the baby normally naps. Your fellow travelers will thank you. Walk and play with the baby while waiting in the airport. More energy exerted while off the plane will be less energy the baby exerts while on the plane.

  • Stay On Schedule

    While you’re on vacation try to maintain the schedule you have at home as closely as possible. That means the time you wake up and go to sleep, the time you eat meals, and when naptime is.

  • Bring favorites

    If your baby is used to a musical stuffed animal, a special blanket, pacifier or certain toys, bring them along with you on vacation.


    Stay on schedule

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

    Does the rental you’ll be staying at provide equipment and accessories for babies? Ask about car seats from the car rental agency, too.

  • Stay Calm

    Don’t stress out when getting ready for your trip. Stay calm, move slowly, and the baby will follow your lead.

  • Less Can Be More

    With babies the rule really is “Less is More.” Don’t over stimulate the baby. Provide a quiet and comfortable space for them to take their regular naps. And remember — afternoon naps improve the chances of a quality evening and we don’t mean just for the baby either.


    Babies need sun protection

  • Sun Protection

    Because you’re visiting a coastal location be sure to stay out of the midday sun. Dress your baby in a hat and lightweight clothing. Apply sunscreen to any areas of skin showing and consider renting a cabana or sun tent to shield them from the sun. Do not take your baby out in the blazing heat of the day.

  • Safety first

    If your baby is mobile, don’t forget to baby proof your accommodations as soon as you arrive.

Follow these tips and there’s no reason why your baby’s first beach vacation wouldn’t be a wonderful time. Once your accommodations have been fully baby proofed you can get on with the pleasure of having an enjoyable and relaxing beach vacation with your baby.

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