Experience an Unplugged Vacation in OIB

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When it comes to vacations, it’s all about relaxation, rejuvenation and local fun. You and your family need to be fully present to get the most out of a vacation no matter where you go. That’s pretty much impossible when there’s an electronic device in each person’s hand. But it’s certainly doable and it just might turn out to be the best family unplugged vacation you’ve ever had!

Unplugged Vacation at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina

If you asked everyone to leave their iPhones, iPads, iTouch and laptops at home it could create major havoc among the ranks in your family. We get that. If they balk at the idea we have some suggestions to offer. Remember, you really can survive without social media.

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Try setting aside a period of time – one or two hours – each day when everyone plugs in to get their internet fix. When the agreed upon time period is up, everyone is done until the next day. No exceptions. As a family, go out and enjoy the beach and blue ocean water…and leave your mobile devices in the room!

It may feel awkward at first, not having your phone with you. You’re used to having a phone in your pocket or purse 24/7. Without even realizing it, you’ve come to expect it to vibrate or ring and so you’re always on alert. After a little while without it, surrounded by all the beauty a beach vacation has to offer, it will be the last thing on your mind as you slip into vacation mode.

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Just imagine all the things you’re now able to do since you don’t have that wireless connection tying you down. Enjoy the miles of unspoiled sandy beaches, nature walks, and temperate ocean water. Delight your children with a day out on a charter boat doing some fishing and let the kids experience catching "the big one." Or have a truly meaningful one-on-one conversation with your spouse or children with no electronic interruptions. There’s even some great concerts happening! This is how you make lasting memories!

When you’re ready to book your beach vacation accommodations, we’re sure to have the perfect place for you and your family. Give us a call at Ocean Isle Inn toll free at (800) 352-5988.

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