Ingram Planetarium – Venue of Venture

Life is a Beach and not every day is always going to be sunny here on the coast. A stormy day on our vacation may affect how we spend our time but can also be an opportunity for something different and out of the box. Often we relent to frequent the local movie theater for the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Or maybe even the local bowling alley for a game or two. These options are available but not our only alternatives.

In neighboring Sunset Beach just 4 miles south of Ocean Isle, the Ingram Planetarium offers interesting, educational and fascinating entertainment for all ages. Learn about astronomy and planets in the Sky Dome HD Theater. Be able to locate constellations overhead as you take your evening walk on the beach! Space exploration, science and star shows are explained by museum volunteers as a dark starry night is replicated around you. So dark in fact, that tardy visitors will be turned away as it is perilous to enter once the program has begun.

Sky Theater Shows

>Seven Wonders — presents miraculous spectacles in our world.

>Two Pieces of Glass — targets the passion of telescopes.

>Oasis in Space and Astronaut expands your horizons and transports you into a breathtaking lunar experience.

Amazing Laser Music Shows featuring songs from the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and U2 feed your senses with imagery and sound you will not soon forget! Some age restrictions apply.

Before and after the shows, check out The Paul Dennis Science Hall with interactive family activities. There is also a gift shop with souveniers from your outing.

Admission prices are affordable: $8 for adults, $6 for seniors, $4 ages 3-4, ages 2 and under free. Discounts for second show stay-overs. Planetarium members, free admission.

On your next vacation, include a little enlightenment

Ingram Planetarium, even if it’s not a rainy day!

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