Make your wedding a success with these tips

Staying organized while planning your wedding can help you avoid major mishaps on your big day. If you don’t keep track of each element of your wedding, your caterer may show up at the wrong venue, your bridesmaids may not match, or your wedding cake might not be the flavor you had wanted. Instead of flying by the seat of your wedding gown, invest some time and effort into keeping your plans organized to maintain your sanity as your wedding approaches.480817005

Get a Planner

Don’t rely on a disheveled pile of notes and loose papers to keep track of your wedding plans. Instead, use a dedicated planner to keep track of your details. Look for a planner app on your smartphone or tablet, or create a spreadsheet on your computer to keep everything organized. If you need the feel of something solid in your hands, paper planners are also a good option.

Start Planning Early

Once you’ve picked out your planner, you should start preparing for your wedding immediately. Early planning will help you reduce your stress levels and give you more options for your wedding. For example, popular wedding venues are often booked months in advance. 

Ask for Help

Trying to plan your wedding on your own can be overwhelming, and trying to juggle too many details makes it easier to forget something and miss important deadlines. Ask your future spouse to help share some of the burden, and communicate with each other daily to identify urgent tasks. You can also pass a few light duties to some of the more involved members of your wedding party.184369422

Keep in Touch With Vendors

If you have a vendor working on a large project for your wedding, such as flower centerpieces or handmade bridesmaid dresses, stay in touch regularly for progress updates. If possible, use email to contact these vendors so that you have documentation of their progress. Regular status reports can help you make the decision to switch vendors if it’s obvious that your current vendor won’t be able to finish on time.

Organize Your Inbox

If you rely on email for most of your wedding-related communications, an organized inbox will keep you sane. Use folders to categorize your wedding emails efficiently. With a free email service, you can set up a dedicated email address just for your wedding plans. If you’re tech-savvy, you can even program your email client to automatically sort incoming emails for you.

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